Capistano and bundler working for a git deploy

21 Apr 2012

I’ve been using the “git” deploy that github talked about so long ago for a while now. I finally got around to deploying something new and decided to use the built in bundler code for capistrano. A long time ago I had to fight with it and eventually gave up. I think they finally fixed it so you can override “current_release” which lets you work in a strategy that doesn’t force releases on you.

set :application, "myappname"
set :bundle_roles, "/www/#{application}/current"

Adding the above lines somewhere in your deploy (change as needed) will allow you to override the default and get the deploy working.

It’s interesting that they don’t list “current_release” as an option you can change but if you look at the code it’s being pulled in just like all the others.