Dreamhost and Rails 3 solution?

25 Oct 2010

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Email sent to Dreamhost back in August.

I’m going to make a request for this for you. Please note, it’s a significant bump from what we have right now, Rack 1.1.0, so only our rails expert can make the call, and check to make sure it won’t break anything. She’s on vacation this week, but I’ll send her a follow up email, so she can get back with you on this as soon as she’s back.

This was the response I got from Dreamhost after waiting for two months for an answer. (After I had to ask “hey, what’s up?”)

Thanks for writing. We have to be careful with the upgrade as we have a high number of dependency packages that need to go through the upgrade. It’s scheduled and being worked on, and the current estimate for the full upgrade to 3.0.1 is within a month of two. I’ll get back to you again when there is an update, but feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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