17 Aug 2012

I’ve been working on a large project with some developers from Pivotal Labs. Each team is made up of groups of paired developers. Depending on the size of the team, creating a even distribution of pairs can become increasingly difficult.

One of the options was to use a google spreadsheet matrix that had to be manually updated each day. Visually it worked well since you could update the numbers and see a history, but there wasn’t really a way to see who was paired on the given day. Also whenever someone left the team you needed to completely re-work the matrix to account for the change. We discussed the options to improve the experience and I decided to write an application to automate the process.

Pairtrix simplifies the process of managing and viewing team pairings by allowing signed in users to manage companies, employees, teams and pairs. Companies are displayed in a list and signed-in users can request membership to view that company’s information. Users who create a company will also have more administrative functions available to them including approving the membership requests for their companies.

Here are the links to the application, code repository and the tracker project. Please feel free to pass along bugs and feature requests.



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